VIVIENNE FOLEY makes hand thrown, classical and abstract porcelain's. Her works are renowned for their clean lines and disciplined shapes. These collector's pieces with their sculptural curves, accentuated by black or ivory glazes give a dramatic accent to any contemporary space.

The basis of her technique is classical wheel throwing and turning. She works clay with engineering precision, joining thinly made sections to attain height. It is most unusual to find these construction methods used with porcelain because of it’s high shrinkage and lack of plasticity. Foley’s work is unique because she incorporates these techniques and yet retains the finest qualities of the material.

"The excitement and challenge for me is to produce flowing forms from a process fraught with technical difficulties. I try to factor in all the variables knowing that during drying, glazing and firing, the works will take on a life of their own, and that no two are ever the same."

Recently relocated from central London to Cheltenham, England, her profile is international. Aficionados include Heads of State and private patrons. Her work is in the White House, the royal household's of Sweden and Saudi Arabia, the National Museum of Ireland, as well as embassies, hotels and corporate headquarters worldwide.

2007 and 2014 respectively saw the publication of a coffee table monograph published by Moonmouse Creative Ltd, and an authoritative book on the art and practice of porcelain published by Bloomsbury in he UK, USA and Canada.

The most recent development of her practice is a series of bronze sculptures based on her porcelains.

For collectors, placing 'complimentary but different' works together, forming groups with two or more pieces, expresses a classical yet very contemporary look.

VIVIENNE FOLEY is represented in London by Vessel Gallery, Kensington and in Dublin by Solomon Fine Art. She also works directly with private and corporate clients from her studio and with with architects and leading interior design companies.